Introducing Forte’s new features

Hey Forte teacher! You might have noticed that we made some changes to the look and feel of Forte when you are logged in. The changes were made to make it easier for everyone, especially students, to find everything they need and get into their lessons as easily as possible. Nothing about the in-lesson experience has changed. 

Here’s an inside look at the recent changes. In this blog post, we’ll show you the updates to your Teacher account, as well as a look at what your students now see when they log into Forte. 

Teacher Account Updates:

In general, the changes to the Teacher Account Dashboards were only aesthetic, with a few updates to the Forte Chat feature, as well as how you switch between your Teacher and Student accounts (if you both teach and learn on Forte). 

Chat Feature Updates:

Now chatting with your student is more efficient than ever. To chat with your student, click on the green Chat button in the bottom right corner of your screen and select your student. 

We’ve optimized the Chat list, so it now shows full screen so you have a better view of all of your students. Additionally, we’ve updated it so that when you want to share a large amount of text with your student, the chat box will expand with your text automatically, allowing you to review your entire message before sending it. This is especially helpful if you’re introducing yourself to a new student on Forte. 

Switching between your Teacher and Learner Accounts:

For those Forte teachers who also use Forte to take their own lessons, you will now switch between your teacher and student roles in your Settings

To do this, click on Settings and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you’ll see a button labeled Switch Role – once clicked, you’ll be able to choose which dashboard you want to go to.

Student Account Updates:

A much larger part of the recent update included streamlining student accounts and improving the experience student users have when creating their Forte accounts and logging into Forte. This is a look at what your students now see when they log into Forte and navigate the platform.

The Learning Hub

Student accounts have now been streamlined to one single page: The Learning Hub. This reduces the number of clicks and extra tabs that the students need to navigate in order to get into the lesson. 

Now, when students log into Forte, they are shown their teacher, their schedule, and a simple “Enter Studio” button. Once clicked, they’re connected with their teacher.

Additionally, the Learning Hub makes it easier than ever for students to access any learning materials you’ve uploaded to the Materials tab on your Forte account.

Items, including payment methods, lesson history, and family management, have all been moved to the Settings menu.

Optimized Chat

The chat feature has been moved to the top of the Student page. This ensures that students see when they have a new chat waiting for them from their teacher.

Have any questions about the new Forte updates? Email us at info@fortelessons.com – we’re happy to help!