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Trusted by families around the world

Forte is made specifically for musicians, with the audio quality prioritized over the video quality - ensuring that you get the best possible sound even when your internet connection is not optimal. I highly recommend using it for your online lessons!”

Gabriel Lee, Violinist and Managing Director of the SEA Music Academy Online, Singapore

Forte solves many issues regarding dynamics, musical intention, and overall sound quality. It is also very easy and simple to use. I highly recommend this platform for any music teacher!”

Jesus Saenz, Musicians for the World

One of the things I was most excited about was being able to hear double stops on the violin - this is not doable on Zoom”

Esther King-Smith, Royal College of Music, London

My daughter told me that Forte delivered on the nuanced audio experience we had been promised! She said it was very easy to discern the subtleties of her teacher's playing.”

Parent of Forte student

Renewed my faith in online music teaching. Thank you.”

Andrea Charles, Royal College of Music, London

It’s important to me that my students and their families know that I’m always looking for ways to give them the best online experience possible. Forte is delivering just that! I’m grateful for their commitment to their product, as well as their continued customer support and service.”

Anna Fagan, Fagan Piano Studio, Florida

What do we need for a great online lesson experience? Great sound, great video and the ability to communicate naturally. We need a simple interface because we want to focus on our music – not on adjusting settings or finding our way around. With Forte you log in and you are ready to go. Everything is right in front of you; easy and intuitive.”

Dennis Frehse, Senzoku Gakuen College of Music, Japan

I like how simple the app is compared to other video conferencing apps.”

Forte student

The teachers are incredibly inspiring and knowledgeable. Clearly, they not only know their craft, they are also adept at imparting their knowledge to a younger audience.”

Parent of Forte student

It was very refreshing to switch to Forte from Zoom. I was surprised to be able to hear the beautiful tone of my students’ pianos. My students were happy that they didn't have to hear my complaints about the audio any longer. One of my students was thrilled that I could send her notes about her lesson instead of emailing her mother.”

Suzanne Romey, North Carolina

I love the clarity of audio in Forte as well as the simplicity of the platform. The support team is exceptional.”

Glafkos Kontemeniotis, glafkosjazz.com

Forte is worth using if for no other reason that the sound is leaps and bounds ahead of any other online lesson platform I have used. Second to none. So easy to use.”

Hilary Travers, Australia

My student and I both felt things sounded clearer. His drums sounded soooo much better. He thought the video looked better as well. It’s difficult to express, but it felt more natural...”

Steve Borgovini, drum teacher, Malaysia

The video recordings of the lessons are extremely helpful.”

Forte student

The sound quality on Forte is exceptional! This has amazing benefits for teaching music online and being able to hear the subtle nuances in my students playing. The biggest difference I've noticed is with no lag and continuous back and forth sound I can have a natural conversation and connect on a human level with my students.”

Ian Campbell, teacher, pianist, composer, www.iancampbellmusic.ca

I was so unsatisfied with Zoom that I searched high and low for the perfect online solution for piano lessons. One where you can hear dynamics, pedal use, and even play duets. Forte is it!”

Dana Griffith, Griffith Piano Studio, Virginia

The incredible sound and video quality by Forte Pure Audio is a game-changer for music teachers, students, and musicians in comparison to other existing platforms.”

Christina Zhou, Founder of 12Petals, Director of Coronation Music School, Singapore

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Can I set my own rates for lessons?

Yes! On Forte, you will control how much you get paid per hour. You will have the ability to set your hourly rate, including setting separate rates for lessons of differing lengths.

Are there fees associated with teaching on Forte?

For every student to whom you are matched by Forte, we will charge the student a fee on top of the amount you specify you want to be paid. The total amount (your rate plus Forte’s fee) will be what the student pays for the lesson. Currently, Forte’s fee will equal 20% of what the student pays. For example, if you charge $80 for an hour lesson, Forte will charge the student $100. This fee will cover the costs of operating the Forte platform and marketing Forte teachers to students globally. However, because it is charged on top of the rate you choose, the payment to you will equal what you told us you want to get paid.

For a student who you brought to Forte from your private studio, Forte will not charge any fee for the lesson.

How will Forte match me with the kind of students I want to teach?

Forte’s matching process is designed to ensure you’re matched with students you want to teach. Based on the information you share in your profile, we will suggest students who fit your studio preferences. This includes preferred age range and ability level, genres you teach, their musical aspirations, and more.

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