Forte featured on the “Who Smarted?” podcast!

Exciting news: Forte is now featured on the fabulous Who Smarted? podcast!

Forte’s Chief Education Officer, Katie Hone Wiltgen, was recently interviewed on Who Smarted?, talking about the best way to learn a new instrument and the importance of focused and consistent practice.

If you’re a parent, educator, or caregiver of young, curious children and are looking for a screen-free way to entertain your children while showing them how fun and exciting educational learning can be, then Who Smarted? is your perfect podcast. This is one of those rare podcasts for kids (ages 5-8) that adults actually ENJOY listening to! And now, Forte is part of the mix, too!

Check out the recent episodes on Popcorn or Cows to learn about these fascinating topics AND hear the informative interview with Katie. 

Teachers: Share the podcast with your students, and they’ll be practicing efficiently in no time!

Parents: Enjoy this kid-safe and parent-approved podcast, with short, fun, 15-minute episodes that are loved by kids and parents alike! We here at Forte are loving listening to Who Smarted? with our little ones. We’re sure you and your children will be binging the entire feed of Who Smarted? before you know it!

Join Forte in this excellent educational universe created by STEM consultants, writers, and producers who strive to ignite, amplify, and satisfy children’s natural curiosity. Find Who Smarted? on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts!