In-lesson Recording

We are happy to announce the arrival of an in-lesson, dynamic recording feature on Forte. This functionality now gives teachers the ability to start and stop recording at any time during a lesson.

The feature is controlled with a simple and intuitive one-click button.

When the recording function is turned on, a notification will appear on the top middle of the screen, letting you and your student know that recording has commenced. The recording button will turn red.

When you want to stop recording, simply click that same button, and you and your student will be notified that recording has stopped. The recording button will also stop glowing red.

After you end the recording, our secure server will process and combine the feed from your device and your student’s device into a single, side-by-side video. Each time you start and stop recording, you will get a new email with that recording.

It takes our servers 10 to 15 minutes to process the video recordings. Once processing is complete, you will receive an automated email from info@fortelessons.com providing you with a link to download an .mp4 file of your recording.

Upon clicking the link in the email, your recording will automatically download. Look for it in your downloads folder or wherever the default download location is on your device. If you access the video from a phone or tablet, it will open a new browser tab, and you will be able to view the recording within the browser.

Questions about this new feature? Email us at help@fortelessons.com