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Your goals. Your talent. Your dreams. Entrust them to a teacher who knows what it takes to reach the highest levels of musicianship.

Forte’s partnership with the Royal College of Music offers you unprecedented access to elite musicians who are eager to share their skills and knowledge with students of all levels.

Meet some Forte teachers.

  • Esther King Smith

    RCM Junior Department teacher

    Violin lessons

    Esther is a prize-winning graduate of the RCM where she undertook both an undergraduate degree and a postgraduate diploma. She currently teaches in the RCM’s Junior Department, where she works with some of the world’s most talented young musicians. Her students have been successful in auditioning for places at UK music conservatoires and gaining places in national ensembles such as the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain. She plays a 1757 Joseph Hill violin, which before she acquired it in 2006 had not been played for around two hundred years.

    About teaching she says, "I believe in teaching the whole musician and creating independent learners… I aim to give my students the tools they need to pick up and learn pieces without constant need of a teacher to help them through it, both from a musical and technical point of view."

  • Dominic Doutney

    RCM alumni teacher

    Piano lessons

    Dominic Doutney is a British concert pianist, based in Chicago. He is currently undertaking his Doctor of Musical Arts at Northwestern University's Bienen School of Music, as a recipient of the Eckstein scholarship. He is a graduate of the RCM, where he was awarded the prestigious Tagore Gold Medal, given to two students annually for outstanding musical contribution to the Royal College. He performed for His Majesty King Charles III (then Prince of Wales) at the prize-giving ceremony.

    About teaching, he says, “Passing on my expertise to students and fueling their enthusiasm for the instrument is, to me, one of the most satisfying and inspiring of all musical endeavors.”

  • Isaac Prince

    RCM alumni teacher

    Clarinet lessons

    Isaac is an award-winning clarinetist, teacher, and arranger currently residing in Chiswick, London. He recently completed his studies with Distinction at the Royal College of Music as an HR Taylor Trust Scholar, pursuing a Masters of Performance. In 2021, he graduated with first-class honors as a Bachelor of Music from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, where he had the honor of winning the college's Concerto Competition. He’s collaborated with top orchestras in the country, including the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, BBC Concert Orchestra, BBC National Orchestra of Wales, and London Mozart Players.

    About teaching, he says, “My teaching philosophy is rooted in a fresh, youthful mindset, emphasizing a strong musical foundation, problem-solving, efficient practice techniques, determination, and above all, the joy of music.”

Why take lessons from a Royal College of Music verified teacher?

  • Members of the RCM community are among the top musicians in the world, and perform in some of the most prestigious orchestras and ensembles on the globe.
  • They are experts at their craft and at the top of their field.
  • RCM verified teachers have been recommended by the Conservatory, ensuring the highest level of teaching ability.

Forte’s video conferencing tool offers radically better audio quality and other features purpose-built for learning music.

The Royal College of Music and Berklee College of Music have offered programs on our platform.

Forte's Dedication to Excellence

All levels welcome

Forte is a great place for beginners and advanced learners alike. No more stage fright from classroom lessons - with one–to-one online lessons, you can learn at your pace with the personalized attention of your dedicated music teacher.


Online music lessons offer more scheduling flexibility, allowing students to learn at a time that is convenient for them.

Safety & convenience

We pride ourselves in providing a safe online environment where students take classes from their own home.


We believe every musician is unique, and their learning experience should be too. We know that working with a teacher who feels exactly right for you makes all the difference. That's why we ask questions about what you want from your lesson experience to intentionally connect you with teachers who align with your skill level, your musical goals and aspirations, and your budget.

The best online learning experience

Forte Pure Audio is our proprietary audio environment that uses state-of-the-art technology to revolutionize online music learning. With Forte Pure Audio, the most human and expressive aspects of music making, like tone color, dynamics, articulation, inner pulse, and musical nuance, are no longer sacrificed because your lesson is online.

Fair Pricing

We strive to enhance music accessibility by offering affordable pricing options.

Who are the Royal College of Music Verified teachers?

Royal College of Music Verified teachers are musicians who currently teach at, have graduated from, or are currently attending the RCM in London. They have been verified by the Royal College of Music to teach on Forte.

RCM teachers fall into four verification categories: RCM professor, RCM Junior Department teacher, RCM alumni teacher, and RCM student teacher. Click here to learn more about these verifications.

How much does it cost to take lessons with a Royal College of Music Verified teacher?

Royal College of Music verified teachers are premium teachers on Forte and start at $100 per one-hour lesson.

To take lessons on Forte, what do I need on the tech side?

Forte makes it easy to learn online and doesn’t require any special equipment. All you need to get started is a laptop/desktop computer and the Chrome browser OR an iPad with the Safari browser.

What instruments can I learn on Forte from the RCM Verified teachers?

Forte offers a wide variety of instruments, including all Western classical instruments, composition, songwriting, and more – we are always adding new instruments. If your instrument is not listed, please email us at info@fortelessons.com.

Why is Forte the best platform for online music lessons? What makes Forte superior to other online lesson platforms?

Forte was purpose-built for online music lessons, with help from some of the world’s top conservatories. With tools designed to disappear rather than distract from your lesson experience and Forte Pure Audio, our industry-leading audio that captures the full richness of sound, you can focus on doing your best learning online and getting the most out of your lesson experience.

What if I don’t like my teacher?

Forte makes it easy to find a teacher who meets your needs and will help you become the best musician you can be. 

If you take an introductory lesson with a teacher and it’s not the right fit, you can easily review other teacher profiles to find the right teacher for you by clicking Browse Recommended Teachers in your Profile tab.