Waiting Room 2.0

We are happy to introduce Forte’s new and improved Waiting Room. Starting with version 5.5, your students will now be directed into a waiting room before they enter your Forte studio. This gives the student the ability to notify the teacher when they are ready to begin while the teacher maintains control over when the student enters their studio. 

Here is a view of what the waiting room will look like for students.

Teachers will go directly into their Forte studio no differently than you have in the past. Once in the room, teachers can now take the time needed to get everything set up and ready to go for the lesson. Your student will not be allowed into the studio until you admit them. When your student enters the waiting room, you will hear a ping and an“Admit” button will appear at the bottom of the studio screen. 

We hope this new waiting room functionality will give teachers and students more comfort and clarity at the start of each lesson.