What people are saying at Forte’s Community Office Hours

Have you seen the emails inviting you to Forte’s Community Office Hours, but haven’t joined yet? Maybe you’re not sure what we talk about, or whether or not you have to contribute, or who is even on the call. Let’s recap! 

  • Community Office Hours are led by Forte’s Head of Community, Lucas Carbonneau. Also on the call is Chandler Pettigrew, a member of Forte’s marketing team. The rest of the participants are teachers from the Forte community who choose to attend that week. Therefore, the cohort is always changing. 
  • You can participate in the discussion or not. Feel free to contribute freely, or just listen with your video off and microphone muted. You can also submit a question anonymously via the Zoom chat. 
  • Topics of discussion vary! We usually ask participants to share what they love about the platform, and also share any technical or teaching challenges. Teachers also talk about what they’d like to see from Forte in the future and bounce ideas off each other about their teaching, building their business, or ways to optimize their online learning setup. 

Topics in the last two weeks include: 

  • Discussion on which laptops work best for online learning
  • Sharing students’ recent achievements
  • Comparing and contrasting multiple online lesson platforms
  • Requesting the option for group lessons
  • Explaining how the noise suppression toggle eliminates unwanted hissing noise during lessons
  • Suggestions about adding new genres to Forte’s teacher profiles
  • Review of Forte’s waiting room and how it works, as well as opportunities for additional waiting room features

Have anything you want to share, or feel like listening in? We hope to see you at our next Community Office Hours! Thanks for being a valuable part of the Forte community.